Download Game Guardian APK 8.30 Latest Version Android [Best Game Hacker]

Game Guardian APK

Download Game Guardian Apk: Have you ever thought in your wildest dreams that you can hack and tweak games according to your necessities. I’m not kidding around, I’m serious. It’s very much possible if you know which App to use for the task. And, the App I’m talking about is Game Guardian apk.

It’s straightforward. Game Guardian helps you to hack and tweak with your favorite Android game to make you win games and clear levels, boost points, score, coins, freebies, etc

Download Game Guardian Apk 8.30 Latest Version For Android

You might have heard about game modifying Applications which can modify the scores, points, and coins to make you always win and always be ahead of your opponent.

You may have stumbled upon many game tweaking and modifying Applications but trust me guys, if you’re a crazy gamer than, Game Guardian will steal your heart. No offense, all the other Game hacking, and tweaking Apps are good, but Game Guardian will prove to be the best. I know all of you will always like to settle for the best to leave consequences and failures apart, if that’s the case then Game Guardian should be the prime choice.

Yeah, that’s right to let this Application work your Android phone should be rooted or else the Application wouldn’t to able to modify any of the game which is installed on your Android. That’s because root access on your Android gives it full access to apply tweaks to the games.

Game Guardian APK

Although Game Guardian is a well to make Application, it won’t work on online games because those games are synced through Internet and updates the scores through online medium. So, I will suggest you use Game Guardian only in offline games. Let’s check some cool features of Game Guardian.

Game Guardian Features –

There are some great features which will set a benchmark for Game Guardian for all the game editing and be modifying Apps in the world. Here are the features.

1. Game Guardian supports every Android version after 2.3.3 ( Gingerbread ).

2. Numeric searches can be done through the search box.

3. The Application supports 90 languages.

4. Supports different kinds of searches like Float, Quard, Dword,  Double, Word, Byte, Xor, and data-type searches.

5. Filtering of greater than and less than the value is also done in the Application.

6. Modification of search results at once.

7. The Application will quickly run on x64 and x86 devices including all the other Emulators.

And, much more.

App Name Game Guardian
Last Updated September 11, 2017
Android Version Requires 2.3.3+
App Size 7.08 MB
Downloads 28000000
Key feature Ability to Hack Games

How Game Guardian Works?

Once the game guardian Application is installed on your smartphone, it scans your scores and point of games which you are playing on your phone.

Which means you have to put the value for your score or points or whatever it is which you need to increase and then the Game Guardian Application will scan it and it will be ready to get changes.

At last, all you have to do is enter your desired numeric value, and once it’s done you can open the game, and you will notice that the numeric values are updated, same as you wanted it to be.

If you are not aware of the numeric value which you are supposed to put in the Application, then don’t worry there’s a way to get out of that too. In the Application, you can find many different options for numeric values, either you choose those values, or you can also search your desired numeric value in the search box.

The search box plays a crucial part in the App, but without even using the search box you can simply get to your numeric value without facing any problems.

Overall, the process of working of the Application is very simple and straightforward. There’s no way that you will be lost or not will be able to use this Application correctly. With some sense and logic, you can create wonders and do tweaks which you haven’t even imagine in your wildest dreams.

Steps to Download and Install Game Guardian APK –

1. Firstly, download the Game Guardian APK on your Android device – Download Now

2. Now, allow “unknown sources” from your Android settings and install it.

Game Guardian APK

3. That’s it, you are done with the installation of Game Guardian.

4. This App needs root access. If your Android smartphone is not Rooted than this App won’t work. Rooting your Android device is an easy task, you just need to install an App called Kingroot. This App will root your Android within few seconds.

Note – Rooting your Android will void your warranty.

There are many advantages of rooting your Android smartphone, and you can uninstall stock Apps, custom ROMs, hacking WPA WiFi, you can install Apps that work out of the box.

Video Tutorial –

In this video, you can easily get the idea about Game Guardian and the steps to use it.

Is Game Guardian trustworthy?

Game Guardian APK

That’s the concern of most of the people, and it is completely fine because without trust nothing can move forward. I would like to tell you that the Application is definitely trustworthy. It is free from threats like malware and viruses.

It’s fast-paced and very simple to understand. It will keep your device healthy rather than making it slow.

I admit that there are other Applications like the game hacker and Game killer which are well-known for the same purpose. They’ve been doing the same thing before the inception of Game Guardian, but there is a still a lot to understand.

As far my experience with Game Guardian has concerned, it runs better than both of these Applications and helps you in modifying your game above imagination, which is truthfully not possible with other Applications.

So, this is for sure that once you install Game Guardian on your Android device, you will run out of coins, points, money or even scores in any game.

Other than that, most importantly as a reminder, I would like to tell you guys that this method and Application should be used for ethical purposes and it is mentioned in the article just for sharing knowledge. So, I urge everyone not to use this Application for any illegal offence.


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Final Words –

At the end of the article, I will like to tell all you guys that please note that your Android should be rooted before downloading, installing and using this Application or it won’t work at all.

The Application will definitely help in modifying your scores or else you can go for any other option of your choice, but I’m pretty much sure that is not going to happen.

Thus, were my views on Game Guardian App. Kindly comment your Questions and reviews in the comment box.