How To Hack Games With Game Guardian App [Exclusive]

Hack game with game guardian

These days hacking games is a hot topic, and there are several game hacking Apps in the market. Quite honestly and surprisingly, most of the Apps are legit and working fine. But why we should always use the good one?

I believe, that if you are really fond of game hacking then you should go for the best and if we’re talking about the best then only one name comes to my mind, and that is none other then Game Guardian apk.

In this article, I’m going to show you that how you can use Game Guardian App and hack your favorite games to unlimited level ups, coins, gems, money, points, and lives.

Before heading further, I need to clarify one thing that Game Guardian App will work only in Rooted phones. So, kindly root your phones to make full use of Game Guardian App. Let’s get started with the tutorial to hack games with Game Guardian App.

Salient Features of Game Guardian App –

1. The size of Game Guardian App is just 3.4 MB.

2. You can not only change the value of points and gold but also can increase your lives and level-ups, so finishing any game and reaching to the last level will now be a piece of cake.

3. Game Guardian is super easy to use. You will master the App sooner then you think.

Steps –

1. First of all, download and install the Game Guardian App –

Download Game Guardian Apk

2. Open, the Application and close it. Now, start the game in which you need to do the tweaks.

3. Now, see the value of gold or points you need to change, For Ex – we will go with 1000.

4. Then, click on the transparent Game Guardian icon. It can be anywhere on the screen with a picture of a dog.

5. Now, click on “Search” and enter the desired value fr ex. 1500. Press “Search” again after putting the value, and you will see similar result to your desired value in a couple of seconds.

6. Play the game and buy something to change the actual value of gold/points and that’s it you are done the value will be automatically changed to your desired number. You can repeat the process again and again by putting your desired value in the Search bar and repeat playing games till you get your desired figure. The number will always change after your tries.

Alternatives –

Although, Game Guardian Application is perfect for the game hacking and tweaking task. But to spice up the article a bit, I thought sharing some alternatives would be nice. So, here are the alternatives.

1. SB Game Hacker –

SB Game hacker is an App which is quite similar to game Guardian. It is also very easy to use and lets you to tweak your favorite games for your own good. The App also lets you to bypass purchasing restrictions on any games and also lets you to completely deactivate the annoying ads for a smoother experience.

2. Game Killer –

Game Killer use a memory modifying technique for making the job done. The Application also needs Root Access to run smoothly in your Android device.

  • The Application is good at its work but not often recommended for online games or paid games. But, if your only requirement is hacking, tweaking, increasing coins, gems, and in offline games then, you can surely go for Game Killer.

Wrapping Up –

The article is in the verge of the end, and all I want to say is that you can surely go for Game Guardian to tweak games and make them dance on your fingers.